Friday, September 21, 2012

"Are you Ms. Septi?"

I have a story. This is a true story. This Story happened when me and my friends were in college and was walking toward the cafeteria.
So, I and one of my friends knew a senior via twitter. And after a few times we talked on twitter we don’t yet recognize each other. While in somewhere, whether it is in the cafeteria or on public transport, she, the senior always sees and recognizes us. While we do not recognize her. We requested her to greet us when she saw us, so we can recognize each other. Until in one time, this story was happened.

After our Speaking 1 subject, we are going from the 3rd floor down to the bottom. On the 1st floor there is a kind of waiting room for those who waiting for class schedules or just sit. Then a friend of mine, let's call it BUNGA, and I followed them down from behind. And you know what? She was suddenly pulled my hand into the front of someone and said...
"You must be known her ..." with full of CONFIDENCE.
And I, who simply did not know that person, were astonished, and said,
Then, Bunga asked the girl, "You are miss Septi, right?"
And with the innocent face the girl replied, "NO."

With a face like there was nothing happened, Bunga went away and I just apologized to the girl.
After a few steps from the place of the crime (hahaha. like there was a murdered case), Bunga frustrated and said "ugh, woy, BIKIN MALU loooohhh. SESUATU…" and laughed out of loud.

When I returned to that girl place, she told me to convey her apologies to Bunga. Because she is the real person we meant to know. That's the end of the story.

Thank you.

(You may use this story as your assignment in recount text)

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